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Founded by Joseph Deitch in 2019, the Elevate Prize Foundation is a global non-profit that empowers social entrepreneurs and activists by providing them with the resources they need to amplify their impact.


To Make Good Famous – so that people can find, follow and celebrate impact leaders – and get inspired to drive progress themselves

The Elevate Prize Foundation is a global nonprofit on a mission to Make Good Famous. We are committed to bringing visibility to the work of changemakers, creating a fanbase for good, and inspiring action on an international scale.

We believe that people driving positive change should be as recognizable and influential as any celebrity; and that the communities and the issues they champion to be seen, understood, and valued.

These representative and solutions-centered stories have the potential to shape our culture, challenge biases, shift power dynamics, and, ultimately, lead to systemic impact. They deserve to be amplified around the world.

The more people see what is possible, the
more they will be ignited to take action
in their own communities. And the tides
are shifting – people the world over are
these demanding authentic stories that
challenge the status quo and shine a
light on pathways to impact. Each action
taken creates a ripple that contributes to
the tidal wave of good across the globe.
That is how momentous, reverberating
change happens.

“In a world where actors, musicians, sports players and social media stars are celebrities, but social good heroes are unknown, it’s time for change.”

– Joseph Deitch,
founder of The Elevate Prize Foundation

Currently, we have four main initiatives:

Elevate stands out for our investment in creating more visibility for social-change leaders, and for our trust-based philanthropy, which provides unrestricted funding so organizations can decide where best to use their grants.




the impact of innovators, activists and problem-solvers



change, together, to ignite a chain reaction of goodness to



good famous

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First, we want to find extraordinary, purpose-driven leaders, innovators, activists and risk-takers all over the world – the best of the best – and provide them with resources and support to dramatically increase their impact.

The second part is where the magic really happens. We want to share the stories of these changemakers – whether they are focused on equality, education, economic issues or are addressing other critical needs – and showcase their enormous energy, talent, and passion with the rest of the world.

Ultimately, the goal is to make good famous! To ignite a chain reaction of giving and goodness on a global scale. The world is looking for heroes. And I believe we need them, now, more than ever.




We believe in bringing our whole selves to work.
In sharing our personality, passions and gifts, so that together, in all our difference and diversity, we can help build a better world.

Join Us!

We’re a small, highly-collaborative and creative (scrappy) team, who care deeply about what we do, how we do it and the impact we’re making. If you’re looking for more than just a job – a role where you can bring your passion and commitment, and use all your skills, smarts and experience to make a real difference – Elevate could be the place for you.