In response to COVID-19, one Elevate Prize winner will be chosen from the MIT Solve Global Challenge on Health Security and Pandemics

Up to $300,000 in funding for a global hero who is addressing Health Security


Right now, COVID-19 is on all our minds.

That is why we’re committing one of our ten prizes to a winner of MIT Solve’s Health Security & Pandemics Challenge. We know there are global heroes out there who can help us slow and track emerging outbreaks, whether by improving individual hygiene, developing low-cost rapid diagnostics, analyzing data that informs decision making, or in any number of other ways.

Yet even as we address this critical issue, it’s also important to remember the myriad others that will emerge from – or be exacerbated by — the pandemic and the massive economic disruptions it will cause.

The collaborative, dynamic, and radically diverse community we are building will also help us face those issues, creatively and head on.

Are you one of those heroes, or do you know someone who is? Join us.