Progress & partnership
go hand-in-hand.



We are honored to work with powerful changemakers – from philanthropy partners to creative collaborators – to fund and champion progress, shout it from the rooftops, and inspire others to  take up the torch and take action.

The award honors a creator using their platform for good and inspiring their followers to take action – a powerful way to connect with wide audiences, and drive forward our mission of making good famous. 

The award and our collaboration was announced by New York Times bestseller Jay Shetty, and granted to Mark Rober and Mr Beast for their #TeamSeas campaign along with a $50,000 donation from EPF. 

In 2022, The Elevate Prize Foundation joined forces with CNN Heroes to maximize the impact and support for the cohort.

CNN Heroes aims to honor a small group of “everyday people changing the world,” nominated by the public. Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa announced our collaboration during the live broadcast. 

EPF is providing all honorees with an unrestricted grant of $25,000, tailored capacity-building, and ongoing support. 


The activation reached the influential audience at the Clinton Global Initiative and millions beyond, with over 340 press hits and a potential reach of 704 million across eight countries

Following her acceptance speech, Malala sat down with Secretary Hilary Clinton to discuss the importance of the award and her advocacy in Afghanistan. Malala also went on the TODAY Show to speak about the award and its impact on their advocacy work.