Is the prize awarded to the individual or their organization? +

The prize is split, with a portion going to the individual and a portion going to the organization. Some people have asked if they can allocate their individual prize money to their organization, and the answer is yes.

Should the application come from an individual or an organization? +

The application is in the name of an individual, but the individual must be affiliated with an organization. For example, the bio in the application is for the individual, but it’s important that the individual is creating impact through an organization.

Can a team apply? +

One person must be selected as the team lead or the delegate for the team because we’re all about amplifying extraordinary individuals and their work.

What resources come with the prize? +

The prize winners get access to a 2-year personal, professional and organizational program. This will be tailored to the winners and range from help creating content around their work and building a fanbase, to pro bono legal or marketing support for the organization.

How much time commitment will the program require? +

We estimate the program will be about eight hours a month.

If I’m not selected this year, can I apply again? +

Yes, definitely!


Will you prioritize certain issues over others? +

No, we are issue agnostic. We want to see extraordinary people leading high-impact projects that are elevating opportunities for all people, elevating issues and their solutions, or elevating understanding of and between people.

Who will get the most from the prize? +

The people who can get the most from the prize are those who believe in the power of building their brand identity and cultivating their community on social media. The prize can accelerate impact for those who are ready for media awareness and motivated to go the extra mile with the Elevate Prize’s marketing communications program.

Do you have a preference for an organization of a certain size or stage of development? +

We welcome organizations big and small, at all different stages of maturity. The more important thing is proven impact – and the potential to scale that impact.


How do I know how much money to ask for in my budget? +

Each prize winner will be awarded a set sum of money, US$300,000 at a minimum. We ask for your budget in the application to help us understand the scale of your project’s operation. Your stated budget will not affect the amount of money you receive.

What can you spend the money on? +

The prize money is unrestricted.

What about taxes? +

You will be responsible for any taxes on the prize money.


Is the Elevate Prize hiring? +

If you’re interested in exploring career opportunities with us, check our careers page for current job postings and follow us on LinkedIn.


I would like to feature or interview the Elevate Prize in a media piece. +

We’re so glad you want to spread the word about what we’re doing. Please direct media inquiries People@elevateprize.org.


There’s so much going on. How can I get involved and do good in the world right now? +

The million-dollar question. Start with what you’re already passionate about and reach out to your community. Need some inspiration? Meet our winners!.